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In the event of an emergency at a public event, it is crucial to have a plan in place to coordinate the incident response units:  police, fire and medical. We serve as the core hub of communication, organization and responsibility for drafting and implementing an emergency planning program for your event.

Pre-planning for the proper number of security professionals is essential to safely managing large groups of people.Our professionally-trained events staffing specialists are specifically trained to be alert and responsive to situations as they arise.Planning to avoid specific situations with an effective crowd control program is crucial.

Incidents Response.

Our security specialists are trained with our “SIRE” program. The SIRE program is a special 4-tier security assessment practice that includes these 4 critical steps:

  1. Scan. We search for potential problem areas or people.
  2. Identify.We identify the problem that could develop.
  3. Report &Action. We communicate with the team and take action.
  4. Evaluate.Has the problem been resolved?  What could happen next?

First-Aid Medical Emergencies.  Each security specialist is trained in basic first-aid. We are the front-line for basic medical assistance until emergency medical personnel can arrive.