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Our Security Management Team

Our security teams are some of the most-experienced and highly-trained professionals in the industry. Members of our team include:

  • We value honesty and integrity.
  • We value our clients, because without them, JSS would not exist.
  • We value professionalism.
  • We value our employees and promote teamwork.
  • We value the laws of the country.

Because of our diverse depth of experience and backgrounds within our team members, it provides with the opportunity to approach our clients and client security challenges from many different angles.As part of our commitment to providing a superior security program to our clients, each of our security team members participate in on-going training in all aspects of security and safety to maintain top-level readiness.Our security program is one of the best programs available today compared to any security services provider. And one of the key reasons for this is our total commitment to thorough and on-going training. Each member of the security team comes from a professional background either in law enforcement / military or security services. They are dedicated to disciplined training, regimented processes, high levels of alertness, and strict codes of performance.We continuously train each team member in all the aspects of responsibility, including:

  • Basic Firearm Training
  • Concealed Firearm Training
  • Site Surveillance
  • Potential Threat Identification and Deterrence
  • Self Defense and Protection of Others
  • First Aid
  • Quick Response Teams
  • Crowd Control
  • Building and Site Patrol