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We offer several advanced technology security monitoring programs that are ideal for monitoring large buildings, complexes, neighborhoods, and land areas.Video recording functions allow days of digital quality video archiving on a local hard disk drive. Solar options make our system even more flexible, allowing unit placement in the most remote locations.There are immediate needs for automated surveillance systems in commercial, law enforcement and military applications. Mounting video cameras is inexpensive, but finding professional security personnel to observe the output is where we excel. Although surveillance cameras are already prevalent in banks, stores, and parking lots, video data currently is used only “after the fact” as a forensic tool, thus losing its primary benefit as an active, real-time medium. What is needed is continuous 24-hour monitoring of surveillance video to alert security officers to a burglary in progress, or to a suspicious individual loitering in the parking lot, while there is still time to prevent the crime.

In addition to the obvious security applications, video surveillance technology has been proposed to measure traffic flow, detect accidents on highways, monitor pedestrian congestion in public spaces, compile consumer demographics in shopping malls and amusement parks, log routine maintenance tasks at important facilities.